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Venus Williams’ Global Spotlight on Wage Inequality 

Privilege Tax

In honor of Women's History Month and building on the success of last year’s initiative, Venus Williams and EleVen by Venus Williams have partnered with female artists Tafy LaPlancheDelvene Cockatoo-Collins, and Keisha Leon, to design 3 limited edition t-shirts where campaign profits will be donated to Girls Inc



Give To Girls, Support The #PrivilegeTax

The gender pay gap does not just impact a woman once in her life.  

It has a compounding effect that results in a woman’s reduced earning capacity over her lifetime.

Even though progress is continuing to slowly happen, as of December 2022 Australia's gender pay gap is 22.8%. Women, on average earn, $26,596 less than men each year!

When Venus won Wimbledon for the first time in 2000, the men’s singles champion received more prize money than the women’s singles champion.  

From that day, Venus felt compelled to campaign for equality for women and after a long and persistent fight became the first woman to collect an equal-sized champion's check at Wimbledon in 2007.  

Be part of the change to close the gap and raise awareness about people being paid for their effort, not their gender.

Buy a t-shirt, style it your way and know the profits are going to Girls Inc, inspiring our generation to be strong, smart, and bold.

Keisha Leon

I'll Have What He's Having

My style is to have fun type, for this shirt I wanted a bold statement that starts the conversation around the gender pay gap, “I’ll have what he’s having” is a design I did in my early days and wanted to revisit it for the tee, it is a bit tongue in cheek, but in all seriousness, I will have what he’s having... with a side of equality.

Delvene cockatoo-collins

We Are The Matriarchs

 Inspired by her great grandmothers basket. A representation of the power her great grandmother had and in maintaining these skills, she could then pass them down to her grandmother. Now we have the responsibility and are the matriarchs for the next generation of female leaders

Tafy La-Planche

Strong, Smart + Bold

My design for this shirt was inspired by Girls inc. inspiring girls to be strong, smart, and bold. All qualities we possess and just need to realize within ourselves. I wanted to show the strength of a girl with a power stance. Vibrant colors signify how bold we are. And tulips represent love, but more specifically love for ourselves and our value, and to me, that’s smart- knowing a girl's worth.

Girls Inc.

Inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold.

Girls Inc. is a nonprofit organization that serves girls ages 5-18 at more than 1,500 sites in 350 cities across the United States and Canada.  Their evidence-based programming is delivered by trained professionals who focus on the development of the whole girl, supporting, mentoring, and guiding girls in an affirming, pro-girl environment.  Here, girls learn to value their whole selves, discover and develop their inherent strengths, and receive the support they need to navigate the challenges they face.  

Meet The Artists


Keisha Leon is an artist and designer that uses narratives to reflect her own experiences; and connecting conceptual design with social outcomes, to change the narrative for the future.


Delvene Cockatoo-Collins is a First Nations artist and designer, who lives and works on Quandamooka country in Quora (Australia). Delvene’s work is far more than just marks on a page. It embodies a rich connection to country, capturing the Quandamooka soul.


Tafy is an Afro-Latina portrait artist based in NYC and Savannah, Georgia. Painting unique and vibrant portraits for unique and vibrant people.